Low profile open face helmets

Low profile helmet

We’re always getting asked what is the lowest profile or smallest shell open face helmet on the market so we thought we’d put together a blog post which addresses this question! For many, when trying on an open face helmet for the first time the helmet can feel like a giant beach ball placed on top of your head. The reality is that it always feels bigger on your head than it actually looks! However, there are a few helmets that we stock that have a lower profile shell size than most which will greatly reduce that feeling of making your head look big. They key is to look for helmet brands that have many different shell sizes across the sizes. Most helmet manufacturers normally have three different shell sizes for sizes XS to XXL. For example, sizes XS to S would share one shell size, M to L another shell size and so on. Hedon Hedonist helmets for example have five different shell sizes across the range giving each size helmet the smallest profile possible. Below are some examples of helmet brands that have a smaller shell size than most.

Benefits of Open Face Helmets

  • Feel the wind on your face. If you’re the type of rider who enjoys feeling the sun and wind on your cheeks when you’re on the road, lightweight open-face helmets can provide that type of experience.
  • Be safe. You can wear one of the best open face helmets and still protect your noggin in case you are involved in an accident. It’s better to wear an open face helmet than to not wear one at all.
  • Obey the law. Some states require motorcyclists to wear helmets. Low profile open face motorcycle helmets are less intrusive than full-face helmets but still comply with state regulations.
  • Stay cool. Top-rated open face motorcycle helmets are much cooler than full-face helmets. They don’t have chin bars, so air flows more easily towards your chin and cheeks.
  • See better. You have a wider range of vision with an open face helmet than you do with a full-face or modular helmet. Even open face motorcycle helmets with visors provide better visibility.
  • Carry less weight. The best three-quarter helmets are lighter than full-face helmets. They’re still very strong and have protective qualities, yet they aren’t as heavy and will cause less fatigue than other types of headgear.
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