Online courses website



It is time for a major change in education, consulting and training. The online trend in these areas is obvious and will probably be absolutely necessary soon.

Make a website for online courses. We offer you the Master Study model.

The website is specially designed for selling or offering free online courses. Can be used for:
– training;
– coaching;
– employee training and testing;
– psychology and psychotherapy sessions;
– meditations for pupils and students;
– online testing;
– language courses;
– online tutorials;
– online tutorials integrated in the Udemy platform;
– video conferencing;
– etc., the possibilities are limitless.

– allows the definition of courses;
– each course can have an unlimited number of lessons, questionnaires or tests;
– complex system for defining courses, lessons and tests (course duration, number of students, course level, individual course price, special price for groups, test duration, test passing grades, etc.)
– each course can be assigned reviews through which students can express their opinion about the courses;
– several teachers can be defined, and the courses are assigned to each teacher;
– event module, allows the complex definition of events with description, pictures, start dates, end location and the price of participation in the event if necessary;
– students management module;
– testimonial module;
– blog article module
– Zoom video conferencing module can be added;
– additional modules can be added on request.



Site security modules

Protects the website against attacks, block unauthorized users authentication, provides reports related to attacks and unauthorized authentication attempts.

Newsletter module

The module allows visitors to subscribe to the site newsletters. As well the module can be used in order to create professional email marketing campaigns.

Back-up module

Periodically saves the site database and can saves the whole website. In case of critical website malfunction the website can be rebuilt from scratch.

SEO module

Optimizes the website so that it can be easily and correctly indexed by search engines. Allows the optimization of each page and each article on the site.

Google analytics module

Google Analytics Dashboard that shows you actionable analytics reports right inside your website dashboard.

Social network account authentication module

The module allows the creation of users and user authentication using social network accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Spam protection module

A website that allows comments from visitors, will have spam comments in a very short time from launch. This module protects the site against spam.

Forms module

Allows the creation of online forms to collect certain information from website visitors.

Image optimizer module

Increase the website’s SEO ranking, number of visitors by optimizing any image or PDF document on the website.

Social media comments module

Lets people comment on content on the website using their Facebook account. People can choose to share their comment activity with their friends on Facebook as well.

Automate posting in social networks module

In order to get as many visitors as possible and for the best possible indexing by search engines, it is essential that site pages and articles appear regularly on social pages such as: Facebook , Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, Google Business etc. Posting regularly on these websites is a time consuming process. You can add a module to the site that once set up, can make these posts automatically.

Chatbot module

Allows you to display a chat window with website visitors, ask predefined questions and direct them to the information they are looking for or to a human operator.

Events module

Management of events organized by the company.

Booking module

The module allows the management of appointments or rentals of training rooms, hotel rooms, etc.

Automatic news collection module

The module allows automatic collection and posting:
● from any web page;
● from RSS feeds;
● eBay products;
● Walmart products;
● ClickBank products;
● information from Craigslist;
● jobs on CareerJet;
● Facebook posts;
● Twitter posts;
● pictures from Instagram;
● posts on Pinterest;
● Reddit posts;
● pictures from Flickr;
● YouTube videos;
● videos from Vimeo;
● videos from DailyMotion.